“In high school, people sometimes came to me for help with their college applications. One time I was helping a friend complete her college application online, but when we got to the place where we had to enter her SAT scores, she said she’d never taken the SAT. I told her there was no way to complete the application without that information. I was so upset. I was angry at her for not taking care of what she needed to in order to complete this very important process, her ticket to college. After all, I had done what I needed to do. I asked her why she had not taken her SAT’s. She told me that she always had to work after school and on weekends. She couldn’t go to the Higher Ed Center to get the study books and other information. That moment helped me begin to understand my own privilege. As difficult as navigating my own path to college was, I didn’t have the barrier of working all the time. Since that day, each time I went into the Higher Ed Center, I’d give out SAT booklets to everyone I could. It was the least I could do. I now work for California College Guidance Initiative and want every student to graduate with a clear post-secondary path.” – Anacany, ‪#‎IAMSAUSD