On Monday, June 13, 2016, dressed in their shiny blue caps and gowns, Century High School graduates made a visit to their former elementary schools (Madison and Kennedy) to celebrate and acknowledge the teachers, staff, and school community that contributed to their success of becoming high school graduates with promising futures. This is the first year Century hosted Graduation Caminata as a way to provide elementary students an opportunity to become excited about their future milestones and to instill in them that college can become something exciting that they begin to talk about at home and in school.

“During this week of graduations what a memorable experience for both the seniors and the elementary students. It was a time of reflection and remembrance for our seniors and a time for encouragement and inspiration for our elementary students,” said Michael Parra, Principal of Century High School.

During the visits, the seniors were greeted with cheers and applause as they arrived with signs stating where they attended elementary, intermediate, and where they would be attending college.  Several graduates addressed the student body with short messages of encouragement along with Century High School Principal Michael Parra, and representatives from our Achieving College Partners which include CSU Fullerton, Santa Ana College and UC Irvine.

Before concluding the event, seniors had an opportunity to visit their old classrooms, former teachers, and talk to students while serving as positive role models to the young children.