Diana Lopez #IAMSAUSD copy“I was often told that ‘You would make a great lawyer. You love to argue. You always have something to say.’ These words came from adults and teachers in my life and they were delivered in a way that made me feel that it was a negative, like a back-handed compliment. I decided I’d never become a lawyer because the people who told me I should were people who were frustrated with my voice. I earned a math degree and was attracted to the hard sciences because I wanted to be taken seriously. I was a software engineer for a month. I was a math teacher for a year. Then one day, I was at a table in my father’s home writing a letter for him to his insurance company advocating for him so that they would not make a decision that would bankrupt him. And I realized that I’d been doing this type of work my entire life, translating for my family, advocating for them in legal situations, writing for them. I decided that day to go to law school and I found my calling as an attorney. Everyday, I use my voice to advocate for those who cannot.” – Diana, attorney. Santa Ana Valley High School alumni.