Maribel, Godinez Fundamental High School Graduate, Student at Cal State Fullerton.

“My whole family rides bikes. We can’t afford a car. My dad used to ride his bike to Huntington Beach for work, but one day, a car pulled out of a driveway, knocked him from the sidewalk, and he flew off his bike and into traffic. Since then, he is too afraid to get back on his bike. My dad is the most recent and most personal reason why I care so strongly about the need for safe bike lanes in the city. That’s why I am working with the Youth Empowerment Network to measure walkability and bike safety on our Santa Ana streets. We are working on a grant to put bike lanes between the river trail and Bristol on Edinger. This fall, I am going to Cal State Fullerton to study civil engineering so I can help design safe streets from the planning stages to the completion of construction.” – Maribel, Godinez graduate, CSU Fullerton class of 2019 #‎IAMSAUSD

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