“I often go to schools and facilitate cultural assemblies. I’ve talked to a lot of kids over the years and I listened to them say that they want to leave Santa Ana, that they want to get out. What I wish I could do for them is to bundle up all the knowledge and experience I’ve picked up over the last twenty years and put it in their minds as a gift. That’s what I want to do. Our city is rich and amazing. Our schools are supportive and want the best for our students. What I wish I could give them the most is the knowledge that their culture is important and valuable, and they are worthwhile. My own kids tell me they want to go away to college. I tell them ‘Fine. That’s good. Have a good experience.’ They say they want to go become doctors. I tell them ‘Fine. That’s good. Go to a good school and become a doctor.’ What I hope is that after they’ve gone away and become these things that they will reach back and remember what I have taught them and bring their new knowledge back home to the community.” – Rudy, Saddleback High School alumni, Calacas Inc. founder/owner and Viva La Vida Festival founder.