We’ve installed 55 new wireless access points across multiple schools throughout the district to support additional site-wide Internet accessibility for students and staff.
We have upgraded our Internet connection to 10 gigabits per second (20 times the average of most school districts across the state).
We are in the process of adding a second 10 gigabit per second connection to the Internet dedicated solely for business transactions. This will allow students and teachers to access and use the full range of bandwidth for learning without having to share bandwidth throughput for business transactions. We expect the second circuit to be functional by December of 2015.
We are about half-way through installing a new network control system that offers a converged network policy management solution allowing for faster troubleshooting and more efficient network operations. The system should be in place by mid-summer, 2015.
We have initiated an advanced mobile device management (MDM) project which enables us to address most challenges associated with mobile learning devices (e.g iPads). By late summer, we expect to be able to manage all district mobile devices from a central console.

For more information, contact Dr. Emil Ahangarzadeh at 714-480-4703 or at emil.ahangarzadeh@sausd.us.
By: Emil Ahangarzadeh