Rosa goes to Harvard.pngCongratulations to Valley High School’s Rosa Vazquez for being accepted to Harvard University. She has been driven to attend Harvard since early in her educational journey and has taken steps to make sure she would be the most highly qualified applicant. Rosa’s Principal, David Richey, said, “ Rosa is the epitome of success.  Over the years she has had to overcome hardships that would make most adults buckle under, much less a child.  The two primary things that I can think of that make truly standout among the sea of other youth in Santa Ana is the physical disability she had to overcome during high school and learning to become her own health and educational advocate.” It was only a few years ago that Rosa was left with speech disabilities and physical disabilities after a health scare.  She had to learn to communicate using signals and had to re-teach herself how to use her limbs.  With the loving support of her mom, she was able to recover and continued attending Valley; she never wavered from her goal of attending Harvard. Her experience and recovery have helped shape who she is now and who she will become.  Her goal is to become an immigration lawyer in Santa Ana so that she can help people like herself and her parents, educating them and helping defend their rights.